Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"Ten debut novelists for the spring"

I am already intrigued by a few of these fresh faces; it will be interesting to read reviews written by someone other than the publisher...

My name is Will: a novel of sex, drugs, and Shakespeare looks to be good: "After being cornered by DEA agents, a struggling UC–Santa Cruz grad student eats a giant mushroom and finds that his mind and stories have merged with William Shakespeare's"--wooww.
And the opening lines:

“Willie sat in the back row of a blocky white mini-bus, his hand cupped around
an enormous psychedelic mushroom hidden under the denim jacket laid too-casually
across his lap. The psilocybe cubensis was fresh, not dried; sweating lightly,
it was smooth and moist to the touch.... Though he didn't know it, the
mushroom's cap was exactly the size and shape of Queen Elizabeth I's left tit.”

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