Friday, March 21, 2008

Things that unexpectedly happen, delighting me

1. Dressing in the dark, only to discover that I'm now wearing bright pink argyle socks.
2. Hearing Ratatat's "Wildcat" on the radio played as a bridge between NPR news pieces.
3. Getting pink tomatoes from the cheap-o grocery store, but discovering that they are heavenly and oh so good...
4. Stumbling on some adolescent writing of mine hidden away in my computer--take out the angst-y bits, and it's not too bad!
5. A nearly full moon...which is not unexpected to those who pay attention.
6. Green crysanthemums.
7. A niece declaring that she wishes we could be like twins in everything. I wish I were more like her, too!
8. Coming home to find my home decorated in the most wonderful manner.
9. An old, old friend with a lot going on in her life who still wants to reconnect.
10. A daffodil blooming in my back yard!

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