Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Version of the Truth

This is a pretty kooky book all around--a strange but lovable protagonist, romances that fizzle out and male characters who disappear without a trace, and mysterious cameos of both Bigfoot and the thought-to-be-extinct ivory-billed woodpecker. Despite all these eccentricities, it does end up being an enjoyable quick read.

The best part of the book is the main character, Cassandra. After the (welcome, yet accidental) death of her husband, she is seeking more from her narrow life of working at the wildlife rehabilitation center and socializing with her one best friend from middle school. She decides to forge a college degree in order to work in a local college office in southern California. She starts taking college classes and discovers classical literature throughout the course of the book, so there are growing numbers of literary references as the book continues.
If you want an alternative to the sophistocated office chick lit set in New York City, try this down-home California high-school-educated nature-girl chick lit title.

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