Friday, April 4, 2008

Judging books by their covers

Can you tell that another quarter of graduate school has ended? The shorter and shorter blog posts, and then utter silence for weeks... Well, but for one assignment, the new quarter has begun, and I'm full of hope that I'll stay caught up, nay, ahead, of the assignments for my spring classes. Just go ahead and try to quell my good intentions--go on now, I dare ya!

I've still been reading, but it's been light reading. Light like reading your
fortune from stale fortune cookies light. I will not even talk about them--they were good and satisfying when you know what to expect, and the covers let you know what to expect. Not that I mean that in a bad way--it's like how we (or at least many among us) turn on "What not to wear" for a bit of evening television escapism. You know the routine--the frumpy clothes, the shock
and horror of the hosts, the frustration of the frump-ee the day after her first shopping trip, the traumatic haircut by Nick, and finally, the glorious reveal to family and friends--Ta dah! Another chic soccer mom is rehabilitated, ready to be released back into the suburban wilds!

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Ashish said...

Hello Sonora,

How are you? I was just googling through things on PA and Philly when I chanced upon your blog.