Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Isn't it funny how similar things tend to cluster together in one's life? Granted, penguins are a guaranteed money-maker-animal in America--witness the number of animated movies, documentaries, children's fiction and adult non-fiction that have come out over the years. We all just love their their awkward little waddle, their adorable way of regurgitating food for their loved ones, and their cute travel-ready size (wouldn't you be tempted to smuggle one in your luggage if you were returning from an Antarctic visit?).

But I have found some oh-so-cute penguin things that I simply must share--enjoy the parade of the family Spheniscidae!

This Polly Dunbar book started it all. It is sooo good. And short. And colorful.

Tacky has no style or grace. And the other animals make fun of him for it. The story can be a little lame, but the illustrations more than make up for that.

This started out as a song on Sandra Boynton's Blue Moo : 17 jukebox hits from way back never, but it's so cute that it's now marketed as its own board book. Very cute pictures, and the song is both catchy and clever.

Big photos. Good coffee-table book, but with facts--like the DK series, but for grown-ups.

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