Thursday, March 26, 2009

Everything Nice

This is my first foray back into junky chick-lit now that I am officially done with graduate school. Did you catch that?--Absolutely, Positively DONE with my library degree. It was by the skin of my teeth, all last-minute and inappropriate for a young professional, but this expensive test of my time-management skills and patience is finally over after two and half years.

Hooray! And now I'm back to blogging.

Everything Nice = Fairly bad. There's better chick-lit out there, with more in-depth characters than Mike (Michaela), a motherless, frigid advertising exec (with a taste for whiskey and married men) who loses her job and has to learn to loosen up when she gets a job as a substitute teacher in a charter school. The writing isn't bad, though--I like this quote.

p. 163 "Mike was formulating a theory that said the difference between 'finding yourself' and being a fuckup was about five years. The twenty-six-year-old who lost his job and moved to Costa Rica was destined to be a surfer. The thirty-one-year-old who fell off the corporate ladder was destined to be a serf. It was wildly unfair of her and probably unrealistic, but being at sea in your twenties can feel so much more forgivable."

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