Thursday, May 28, 2009

Food Not Lawns: how to turn your yard into a garden and your neighborhood into a community

This one looks good at first glance, I know. "Wow," you think, "a way to transform my lawn from a dull expanse of over-sprayed and under-utilized grass into a place that's much more inviting, practical and environmentally friendly."

Trouble is, this isn't that book. Flores has passion for her subject, but she's a green radical without a head for language. She's overtaken this book with poorly written talking points of why we need change and only very extreme and ideas of how to achieve it. She won't tell you a detailed plan on how to build a composting toilet, just make you feel badly that you don't already have one. Essentially a book for people already believe that they're just a little holier-than-thou (proven by their lack of a car, super-cooler-than-your-neighborhood's activities, and their composting toilet).