Thursday, May 27, 2010

To Read Later

Sometimes you can't read everything you want. Life becomes busier, you've moved on to a different short-term favorite genre, or someone has recommended the book and you just don't know what the polite thing is to do without reading it. So you write it down.

Making a list of books to read shows good intentions (whether genuine or fake) and eliminates the need for optimistic thoughts like "I'll stumble on this one book again, out of the hundreds of thousands of books I could possibly reach for in this library. When I see it I'll remember that I wanted to read it, I'll have the time to read it, and I'll actually (gasp) read it."

Here's my newest list:

How we live & why we die: the secret lives of cells / Lewis Wolpert

Nocturnes: five stories of music and nightfall / Kazuo Ishiguro

The Sugar Queen: a novel / Sarah Addison Allen

Child 44 / Tom Rob Smith

Catching Fire: how cooking made us human / Richard Wrangham

more to come...

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