Monday, October 18, 2010

Gods in Alabama: a novel

Gripping, but I didn't like it as much as Jackson's Backseat Saints, which is its companion book (the plotlines and some characters are intertwined).

After a fight with her boyfriend, Lena calls his mother for advice.
p. 73: "She released a loud breath into the phone, and then she said, 'Then I'll tell you two things. The first is, you have to give him something he wants. Right now I think he's feeling that everything flows in one direction, from him to you. He's thinking you don't care about him the way he cares for you. So you need to yield some. But the second thing I'm telling you is, you better make him bend, too. You don't ever let a man say 'My way or nothing' to you. Not even a good man. Not even my son. And you never say 'My way or nothing' to him. You don't take your sweetheart's love and use it on him. You can do that to your mama, but not your sweetheart.' I smiled at that.
She went on, 'He's wrong by doing that with you. But you're wrong to put him in a place where he feels so poor he thinks he has to say that. You both need to bend, but I think this time it has to start with you. And that's all I can say to you without breaking confidence. Now, don't you make me sorry I helped you.'"

p. 326: "'You're too hard on yourself. I think boys just don't ask you out because you don't flirt. You have to talk to them like you think they're the very best one. They won't ask you unless you practically send up a big firework that will explode right over their heads saying, 'Yes, yes, I totally like you!' Boys live every second scared to death a girl is going to say no when they ask her out."

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