Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Art of Simple Food

When my little garden went crazy this summer, I had the luxury of tomatoes and basil whenever I wanted. I did the classics--pesto, pizza, and tomatoes sauced, roasted and sauteed. I thoroughly enjoyed everything while it was in season. But looking at the new Alice Waters book, I selfishly wish that the publishers could have put this out in August so I wouldn't have to wait till next summer to try out some of the tomato recipes.
I love cookbooks. Browsing for the perfect recipe that will match whatever flavor cravings you have with what's stacked in your fridge. And Alice Waters is one of the best foodies around. Put it all together in one package, and you get a classic cookbook that has enough details to answer any question you might have, a ton of good recipes, and enough commentary to keep you coming back when you're not that hungry but you want some food inspiration. And the end papers in this one are beautiful--marigold yellow with black line drawings and labels of kitchen herbs.

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