Saturday, December 1, 2007

Beach Reads

I realize it's the beginning of the Christmas season. I want to write up a review of a witty, well-written book on the goodness of/tribulations of getting through the festivities. Really, I do. But the idea of even starting anything related to December is still too shocking--I still savoring my memories of Thanksgiving, unwilling to move forward to the next holiday.

So dream yourself back to the second week of July, if you will. The sun shines brighter
than you've seen for months, and its heat makes getting into your car after it's sat in the sunshine like stepping into a sauna. The grass and trees couldn't be any greener, the sun rises at five in the morning and sets long after little kids have been put to bed. Maybe you're planning to pull a lawn chair out into the backyard sunshine for the day, or maybe you have plans to go away for the weekend to some sandy beach. There you'll be able to dig out your giant sunhat, happily eat nothing but tunafish sandwiches because it's the easiest to make and nobody cares what your breath smells like, and squish your toes in the wet sand at the edge of the waves---and read!

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