Saturday, December 1, 2007

The Blue Bistro

Elin Hilderbrand is always writing about life on Nantucket in her books. In this look at the lucrative restaurant business, she has crafted a smart, well-rounded and lovable character who has recently picked up her life as a hotel concierge in Aspen and moved to Nantucket to make a new start after a bad breakup. Acting upon the advice of a fellow passenger on the ferry to the island, she bicycles to the fancy French restaurant The Blue Bistro the next morning in search of a job. Miraculously, the red-headed owner offers her the job as floor manager, provided that she not mention anything to the press about the talented but elusive chef.
I loved the descriptions of the food in this book--makes you hungry just reading about the lamb lollipops and homemade crackers. The characters are lovely and complicated and hungry for love--just perfect for the beach.

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