Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Eat Pray Love

This has been a wildly popular book, though some reviewers criticize the author for being too entertaining and the book reading almost like a screenplay for Jennifer Aniston. I disagree.

Gilbert gets through a nasty divorce and then a tumultuous love affair in her early thirties. She escapes everything with the idea of healing herself through a year abroad--four months in Italy for its pleasures (language and pasta), four months in India for its spirituality (living on an ashram) and four months in Indonesia (for balance and love). I loved it; true, some parts are funny yet shallow, but her writing goes far deeper when the emotion calls for it. I laughed out loud at the way she describes herself and her great sense of dialogue, but I also cried and cried--all on my interminable train rides through Canada.

Thank you Girly for letting me borrow your copy of this book--it was just what I needed!

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