Sunday, February 10, 2008

Saint Iggy

This is a new young adult novel that caught my eye a day or so ago. I started it last night before bed, and I got so wrapped up in it. I put it down halfway through the book and went to sleep, but I woke myself up at 2 in the morning--I must have been dreaming about it--and I just had to finish it.

It's dark and truthful and hard to read, but it's very moving. On the first page, Iggy Corso tells us that he has been kicked out of high school, and he has decided that he will do something amazing that will change the world and convince the school to let him back in. In his world of abject poverty and drug abuse closing in on everyone around him, this vague and childish scheme becomes the one thing he's desperately trying to hold onto as things fall apart.

You will cry, and not just for Iggy, but for everyone who is trapped in similar situations in the world.

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