Sunday, June 15, 2008

Best new band ever--without reservations!

"Welcome to Iceberg! Come on in, take off your coat and that dorky hat; make yourself comfortable. Take a seat on that beanbag chair over there. We are the next big indie rock band, and we're coming for you! We like to rock, we drink bad beer, and we have bad haircuts. You know those indie rock glasses - the ones with the thick black frames? We got one of those. We hate everything, especially corporations and money [...] we'll put up with you if you buy one of our cd's.

On Sale Now In Stores Nationwide - Iceberg Action Figure Playsets!
Collect all four Iceberg Action Figures, plus a limited-edition 99 Custer playset! Hours of fun for the whole family!

Action Zac
- Comes equipped with two (2) pairs Action Drumsticks, one (1) half-empty Sparks can, retractable flamethrower arm attachment, and six (6!) hilarious jackets, including all-new The Zookeeper!
Ninja Fill
- Comes standard with triple-necked guitar/bass/banjo, cell phone, and high-heeled rocket boots for intergalactic shredding. Capo not included.
Anatomically Correct Dress-Me-Up Wakefield
- Features three (3) different outfits to fit any occasion - The Maid-of-Honor, The Public Servant, and The Hillbilly. Put a beer can in the left hand and press the button to make him say one of eleven hyperbolic overgeneralizations!

Ginger Man
- Place in water overnight and watch ginger mane magically grow! Realistic freckles! Authentic-looking iPod attachment with harpoon-gun mount!

99 Custer Playset
- Comes with miniature practice area in basement with life-like stagnant water pools! Fireplace opens to reveal secret underground tunnel to local beer purveyors! Limited-edition set, made in Mexico.

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