Saturday, June 14, 2008

Love the one you're with

Sorry for the long silence. There have been a lot of serious goings-on. It's during serious situations like this that I'm so grateful I was born into my family. We're so scattered across the country, but as soon as someone is in danger, we all pull together. My parents drop everything when a child is in trouble, all the sibs gather across the phone lines, calling each other every few days, and the ones who can visit in person do.
It feels like we're all rattling around in a gigantic drawstring bag most of the time, but when the situation calls for it--zzipp! the drawstring gets pulled taut and this big bag suddenly seems a lot smaller and we're all just as close as we were growing up. Thankfully, everyone in my family is safe and on the road to recovery.

In lighter fare, Giffin has such a lovely voice and a light touch, I really enjoy anything she writes. This one in particular was less chick-lit-y and more "real." A happy bride of ten months has her world turned upside-down when she passes her ex (the one everyone has--the one you can't forget, the love-of-your-life and the one who utterly tore apart your world) on the street one day. Two minutes after their eyes meet while crossing the street, he texts her and asks her to meet up with him. And thus it begins...

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