Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Home Repair

Eve's husband leaves her the morning of their garage sale--just goes on an errand and within one sentence he is gone. Now she's got to carry on as if everything's just fine while she cares for all the other people who crop up in her life. I have mixed emotions about this book: the plot feels forced and characters are on the cardboard side. However, I liked the chapters of this book about Eve with her ailing mother; her character is much more real in those spots. Perhaps one would enjoy it more if one's personal history more closely matched that of the protagonist.

p 180: "Eve finished her book of stories, then went right back to the first story and read it straight through again, amazed at how much she had already forgotten. The author, on the back cover, looked happy and beautiful, her blond hair swept back from her forehead. She lived in Ohio with her husband and three pet beagles. Eve devoured every word, the author's bio, even the dedication page. The book was like a giant pacifier she clung to, holding it in her lap or keeping it on the table beside her. Its voice kept her company during the endless night."

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