Friday, August 28, 2009

A La Carte

A few weeks ago the New York Times had a great article by Michael Pollan on why, with so many cooking shows on television, so few ordinary people actually cook. Parents are raising their children on take-out and tv dinners, so the next generation is even less likely to cook for themselves.

This book for teens is trying to buck that trend. Not only does 17 year old Lainey cook, but she wants to be a celebrity chef. And with so few African American chefs on television, she knows there's an opening for a woman of her talents. Lainey is a lovable character with real-life teen problems of boys and school, but she is also very mature, continually coming up with new dessert recipes for her mother's restaurant and nurturing everyone around her with rich comfort food when times are tough.

This is an excellent book for the right teen.

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