Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Cookbook Collector: a Novel

Another awesome book that is partially set in the Bay Area of California. What other books claim setting here? Immediately, I think of The Monk Downstairs (Tim Farrington), Backseat Saints (Joshilyn Jackson), and My Name is Will: a novel of drugs, sex and Shakespeare (Jess Winfield).

A love story hiding in a book about rare books and intense characters--all wildly dedicated to their causes (environmentalism to collecting to business), to their characteristics (curmudgeonly to naive), and drawn together by blood, love or lust. I started this book eagerly, fell into a slump in the middle when thought I knew where the plot was going, and finished it at 2 AM with a bang!--amazing ending that I never saw coming, even though it was right in front of my face the whole time. Awesome.

p. 81: "She looked up at him and wondered how his eyes were so blue and his skin so dark, and how he could be shy and also confident, and most of all, what he was thinking, but she didn't dare ask. And he saw her wondering, and he gazed at her delicate upturned face and felt a sudden tenderness for her, a little pang of responsibility. I'll never never hurt you, he promised silently."

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